Dry Coolers

  • Liquid cooler for water / glycol

Dry Coolers

Maximum energy efficiency and optimal operational safety for industrial processes without compromise

Our range of dry coolers is based on years of experience in technology for heat exchangers, the result of which is a very reliable range of dry coolers. The product range has a modular design and single and double-row devices in table and V-shape as well as several module lengths are available.

Due to the wide range of possible combinations of drycoolers, the required specification can be achieved without neglecting performance, costs, noise level, size and efficiency.

Optimal efficiency and reliability

Maximum energy efficiency for minimum operating costs

High-performance lamellar heat exchangers and optimal efficiency of the axial fans used enable energy-efficient operation.

Reduced noise emissions thanks to large-area axial fans

Thanks to the innovative design of our products and the limitation of the fan speed, the noise level of the drycooler can be significantly reduced.

Safe operation with the highest possible availability

Stable temperatures are a prerequisite for maintaining production processes and ensuring the quality standards of industrial processes.

Uncomplicated and fast service

Comprehensive services ensure that your systems are ready for production. We will help you quickly and unbureaucratically.


  • High energy efficiency through coordinated system components

  • Stable thermal and hydraulic performance with minimal maintenance and downtime

  • Reduced noise emissions through large-area axial fans and limitation of the fan speed

  • Optimized pipe circuits and heat transfers

  • The installation and maintenance effort is very low, as all components are pre-assembled at the factory and ready for connection.

  • Suitable for ethylene or propylene-glycol mixtures

  • Small number of device feet, therefore fewer fastenings

  • Stable crane lugs for easy crane transport

Available versions


  • Control cabinet or wiring on terminal box

  • Repair switch / motor protection switch (wired individually or in pairs)

  • Foldable fans for easier maintenance

  • Phase monitoring

  • Microprocessor-controlled regulator

  • Electrical release contact


Further information and technical data can be found in our brochure for download:

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Montags bis Freitag von 8 bis 17 Uhr
Montags bis Freitag von 8 bis 17 Uhr
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