Energy Saving Tips

Over 120 million cooling systems are installed in Germany and consume around 15% of the final electrical energy in Germany (Federal Ministry for the Environment). Many of these systems have higher savings potential. As a manufacturer of refrigeration systems, we attach great importance to the energy efficiency of our products. You can noticeably reduce your energy costs with the following measures.

Heat Sources

Do not install the refrigeration systems in the immediate vicinity of devices with intense heat radiation. The thermal radiation has a direct influence on the power consumption of the refrigeration system. Direct sunlight should be avoided as far as possible. Set up shading if necessary. However, the emerging hot air flow must not be influenced.

Heat Dissipation

With air-cooled chillers, the heat exchangers and fans have to give off large amounts of heat to the environment. Particularly if the devices are installed inside the building, it must be carefully checked whether an unobstructed air supply from the outside is guaranteed. Please note the minimum clearances during installation in order to allow unhindered air inlet and outlet.

Correct Temperatures

Set the temperature correctly, aiming for the highest possible flow temperature. The higher the flow temperature, the more efficiently the refrigeration machine works.

Free Cooling

Free cooling modules can save electrical energy, especially when there is a year-round cooling requirement and when outside temperatures are low. The control compares the outside temperature with the medium temperature and, if the outside temperature is lower, the medium is cooled by means of the outside air via a free-cooling lamellar heat exchanger. This “cooling performance” saves a large proportion of electrical energy and thus contributes to environmental protection.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Regular maintenance and cleaning and compliance with a few basic requirements ensure trouble-free and efficient operation of the device. Check the soiling condition of the ventilation slots and the heat exchanger fins at regular intervals. If they are visibly dirty, they must be cleaned.

Heat Recovery

When generating cold within your systems, the refrigeration technology in the form of compressors, condensers and pressure lines generates a lot of waste heat. If the waste heat can be used for heating or other processes, the system can be regarded as very efficient.

Report Defects

Immediately report any defects such as:

  • Visible contamination on heat exchanger fins
  • Unusual or loud noises from the motors or other components
  • The set flow temperature is never reached
  • Pressure in the water circuit outside of the specifications

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