• Compact air-cooled water chillers

    for process cooling or air conditioning

Air-Cooled Water Chillers

Compact air-cooled water chillers for indoor or outdoor installation as chillers for process cooling or air conditioning. Standard series with models from 2 to 1000 kW.

Main Features

  • High energy efficiency through optimal coordination of all system components
  • Easy installation and maintenance thanks to easily accessible components
  • Suitable for ethylene or propylene-glycol mixtures
  • One or two cooling circuits with safety components
  • Shell and tube heat exchangers or stainless steel plate heat exchangers
  • Precise and automatic power control
  • Thermostatic or electronic expansion valve, depending on the size of the device
  • Compact self-supporting housing for indoor installation, galvanized and powder-coated
  • Low pressure loss on the water side of the heat exchanger







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Further information and technical data can be found in our brochure for download:

Air-Cooled Water Chillers

Compact Chiller for Process Cooling
PDF | 4,8 MB

Air-cooled water chiller with free cooling

In the temperate zones, free coolers are used in mixed operation for most of the year.

Functioning at low outside temperatures

The control puts the chiller into standby mode and the cooling medium goes directly into the free cooler. It is cooled exclusively with the help of the outside temperature, valuable energy can be saved because the compression refrigeration machine can be switched off.

Functioning at medium outside temperatures (mixed operation)

The cooling medium first reaches the free cooler via the three-way valve and is then fed into the water chiller. The pre-cooling in the free cooler reduces the energy consumption of the compressors to a minimum. Mixed operation enables an enormous increase in the efficiency of the entire system on an annual average and significantly lowers operating costs.

Free cooler modules can be used in both new and existing systems

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